Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Mail Day

I am feeling pretty lucky this week! My parcel from Car arrived with a stack of goodies that I won on a giveaway on her blog :)

Very neatly packaged in Calico, wrapped in ribbon and labeled with a handmade tag! Love the magazine, I read it last night over a cuppa and have already bookmarked a redwork project which looks good.

Inside there was a bookmark, a card wallet and a green case. The little card wallet has the same fabric Car used in a bag that I won in a different blog giveaway :)

Everything opened up, love the little tag on the back of the bookmark!

Close up of the little block on the bookmark. Lovely and much nicer than any of the free library bookmarks that I have lying about the house!

There was also a block of chocolate as well, but you will have to use your imagination as I ate that before I thought to take the photos :)

Check out Car's blog if you don't already. There is always something good happening over there, reading, knitting, sewing, kid craft, everything fun!


  1. Glad it arrived safely :)

    PS it's a sandwich keeper ;)

  2. A Sandwich keeper! I am going to have to try it out now, I had wondered what it was with the plastic coated fabric :)

  3. Oh a sandwich keeper - Car is there a pattern for it? Think that Amelia needs a few for Knidergarten next year:)

  4. I was just commenting to someone else about how all the technological stuff is great but there is something special about real mail, delivered to your door.

    And I love that you found time to sit and read with a cuppa. That's great!

  5. I'll be posting the link to the pattern next week (it's on my blogtoberfest to-do list ;)

    It is SEW easy!!!


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