Friday, November 21, 2008

November Challenge ~ Oven Mitt

The Novemeber Challenge for the EB beginner sewers this month was to make an oven mitt. Sounds simple you may think but to someone like me it presented it's own challenges... My sewing machine and I reached an uneasy truce and I got started.

These photos are of my second attempt at an oven mitt (I did not like the first pattern I tried) and I am happy with it! I have to make another one at some stage so I have the matching pair.

My brother saw this oven mitt last night and put in an order for one, but in more manly colours!


  1. Noice! Did you try to sew along the diagonals of the squares in the pattern material to quilt it? Needless to say, my sewing machine is still gathering dust!

  2. I did use the lines of the squares to help keep the quilting neat and easy, nothing for me to do except try to follow a straigt line which was great :)

    Thanks also to Rach, Cecily and Sunshine days who complimented my oven mitt efforts in the EB thread!

  3. Hi Bec - Wow I found you via EB and then I noticed your little one and thought hey I know her - LOL. I am mumsbusycrafting on EB and a friend of Kates (I met you at Tilly's 1st b'day)Small world hey

    Looks like you are settled into your new home and finding things to keep you busy.

    The mit looks great by the way - good luck finding some manly colours - black always works well.

  4. The oven mitt looks great! I love the fabric you chose.


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